Thijs Roes

Creative journalist, science communicator and filmmaker with a love for science, history and storytelling.

On the right, an overview of current projects. Examples of my work are here.

  • Andromeda Productions

    Andromeda Productions

    Media production company for engaging scientific storytelling.

  • VICE


    I've been part staff & freelancer for VICE, Vice News and Motherboard.

  • Voyages


    Youtube channel telling the most fascinating stories about the human exploration of the universe.

  • RTL New York

    Controlled Substance

    A Youtube channel about the clash between drug policy and culture from a scientific perspective.

  • Voyages

    New Netherland Now

    Tells the epic history of how New Amsterdam became New York and influenced America.



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What I do

My name is Thijs Roes, pronounced "Tice Roose" - in case you were wondering. I'm an experienced journalist, filmmaker and communications expert with a love for science stories.

Science is the best tool ever devised for figuring out how the world works. Inspired by how far we've come since we climbed through trees, I like to tell accessible stories to an engaged audience. I find science extremely sexy, and am sad it is so often ignored or dismissed.

I try to do this in both my journalism as well as my commissioned work. I work hard for stories and causes I believe in. Ranging from science documentaries to articles about unheard and interesting voices.

In my commissioned work, I only help out if I believe your organization makes the world a better place - otherwise I can't sleep well at night. I'll help you get rid of ads and make content about your business people would like to watch.

Educational organizations, sustainable tech companies, intergalactic space entrepeneurs: If you need help with awesome explanimations, a product launch, social media strategy, an engaging debate, or a beautiful video report: let me know!


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